“Luis is the consummate professional. He excels in delivering excellent results to his clients. He is acute at listening and focusing, helping clients identify their "real" needs, while using his strategic competencies to providing viable solutions. Communicating all the talent Luis has to offer to potential clients is not an easy task, but it’s my pleasure to articulate a small part of what Luis is about. I experienced his talent while working with him on two continents. He is an excellent consultant, honest, reliable, and extremely personable.” – Carolyn Larkin, CEO Human Perspective International

My professional experience with Luis and Network4Leaders has been beyond satisfactory- it was exceptional. In every instance, the service provided was exemplary, the staff professional, and their attention to detail impeccable. Most compelling was the depth of support from the entire company. The team assigned to our project displayed a high degree of ethics, dedication and customer care. Based on the above I would highly recommend Luis on any project requiring support for strategic planning. – Dilma Bennett, Director of Marketing – West Palm Hospital/ HCA East Florida

Luis is very focused and committed to helping companies and individuals with strategy. He has a rich background in this area and I have referred him successfully in the past and would do so again. – Scott J, Wall, Senior Vice President at PNC Bank

Luis fulfilled coaching opportunity for me in the development of an up and coming leader. He studied our organization and our culture to customize his services and tailor the engagement to achieve a high level of success. – Mitch Felman, CEO at West Boca Medical Center

I normally do not write recommendations; however I feel so compelled to do so for Luis. He is diligent, thoughtful and creative. His strategic planning skills and broad network allow him to be very effective and efficient in delivering results for his clients. Regardless of the size of your company or its stage of development, Luis brings an amazing set of skills to help you maximize your business opportunities. – Bruce Rosetto, Principal Shareholder- Greenberg Traurig-Boca Raton, FL

I have known Luis most of my Life, he is an outstanding individual with integrity and appreciation for getting things done the right way, Luis is always searching to evolve his own thinking and uses this skill to ensure that each customer engagement receives the necessary attention, quality and results. Luis is a great strategic thinker that can digest massive amounts of information, creating scenarios for individuals or organizations to act and achieve their goals; any organization using his services or his advice is bound to profit greatly

Luis is a very skilled and capable strategist that will help you develop a plan to achieve your goals. He will challenge and “stretch” you in order to help reach goals that may have seemed impossible at one time. The KPI’s Luis uses help his clients keep their team accountable for the agreed goals of their organization. – Anthony Barbar – Chair, Board of Trustees at Florida Atlantic University

Luis worked with me and our company several years ago. We were in need of strategic planning and discipline in compliance with plans. Luis system’s assisted our company meaningfully during the period he worked with us and equally since then. I would highly recommend Luis Mago for any business looking to grow. – Richard Paul-Hus – CEO, Whoop Wireless

Luis does not need a recommendation, Luis is always “Beyond The Call of Duty”, but besides that Luis is a great and honest friend. – Fernando Marturet, Telecommunications Advisor – International Affairs

Luis has been a constant source of strategic inspiration through his books and conversations. I have benefited from his insight while working in Finance Advice, Heavy Machinery Modification and Wholesale Distribution. I recommend Luis with total confidence. – Henry Loud, Mortgage Banking 

Luis has wisdom beyond his years, offers insightful guidance, and is truly one of the greatest people I know. It is such a pleasure to work with Luis and N4L, and if you are looking for life-changing results, you’re lucky you’ve just found them. – Nicole Biscuiti,  Public Relations & Branding Consultant.

In a world where business men and women are looking for solid compassionate advice on how to success Luis shines. He is inciteful and precise. Him methods are tested and effective. Having Luis as a partner on your team is a major benefit that you should take advantage of. – Ian Berkowitz, Partner at Berkowitz & Associates, P. A.

Luis is extremely organized, results oriented, and principle based. He and his firm use the most up to date technology and techniques to measure and track results to obtain optimum performance. – JC Perrin – SVP, Commercial Banking Manager SFL, Seacoast Bank

Luis is an absolute genius when it comes to business and strategy! It is always a pleasure to collaborate together. – Jocelyn Silverman, President at JSbrands.com

Luis Mago is the consummate professional. I have known Luis, and worked with him, for over seven years. Luis is a visionary who is able to identify a client’s needs and provide them with a blueprint for success. Luis is a person of high moral character and a leader in the community. I highly recommend Luis to any business looking to identify opportunities for growth and enhance their current performance. He is a master in his field! – Katherine Van Brocklin, Citibank – Small Business National Credit Manager

It is an understatement to say that Luis Mago is a business strategist of extraordinary ability. I am personally aware of Luis’ business accomplishments and am not surprised that CEO’s at the highest level seek out his advice. If you are running a business, you want Luis in your boardroom. Luis’ ability to create and execute a strategic plan to a successful conclusion is complimented by his tact, diplomacy, and high integrity. Simply stated, Luis gets the job done with honor. A man of his word, I recommend that you put your company in his hands. – Keil Hackley – Senior Partner at Hackley & Serone, P.A

Luis is a great person both personally and in business. He is someone that can help a business define its identity and from there move and direct that businesses own positive future. He is an incredible problem-solver, motivator, and communicator. He is personable and experienced and his exceptional results prove it. – Connor Lynch – Chief Operating Officer at Plastridge Agency, Inc.

Meridian Insurance Group has utilized Luis Mago and N4L Strategy Consulting to help us develop a strong vision of our future and determine how we can reach our goals. From planning to implentation, Luis has been a true visionary and professional coach to the entire team at Meridian Insurance. – Chuck Stout – Executive Vice President at CBIZ Benefits & Insurance Services Inc

I have the pleasure of working with Luis on a variety of projects and he is one of the most amazing professionals I know. He pushes his clients to achieve results and helps create a vision and strategy to get there! Over the years he has become not only a mentor, but a good friend. – Kate Volman, VP Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce

Luis is a “World Class” Business Advisor – Executive Coach & Leader! I strongly recommend Luis Mago if you are looking to successfully grow your organization! – Greg Cryan – President Meridian Insurance Group

Luis adheres to the highest standards of practice and ethics in his role as a Board member at Florida Atlantic University. Great advocate and strategist in governance and outcomes based management. I would not hesitate to ask him to join me in any endeavor I might particpate in, either for charity or for profit. – Dee Robinson, Vice President for Development, Florida Atlantic University

I have known Luis for 8+ years and have my organization has benefitted from his work. Luis is very discerning in his approach to clients and their unique challenges. I have found him to be an outstanding resource. – Walt Mickens – President & CEO at Queen of the Valley Medical Center

Luis did an outstanding job working with me and my hospital in regard to strategic planning, business planning, and leadership development. Luis is very knowledgeable and creative, works well with senior management, and helps clients obtain short and long term tangible results. – Steve Popkin, CEO at Parkview Community Hospital Medical Center, Riverside, CA

” Luis Mago is great at creating a roadmap and implementing business development for all types of businesses. He was key in the successful growth of Ellis, Ged & Bodden PA in a very short time. He also developed the organizational hierarchy so that the Firm is able to run more efficiently, cutting out unnecessary expenses while growing the client base. I would highly recommend Luis Mago to work with all types of businesses in their growth and development so that he could assist management in quickly attaining its corporate goals. ” – Attorney at Becker & Associates, P.A.

” I had the privilege to work alongside Luis Mago in my capacity as COO. Louis is among the few real Business Strategists I experienced in my career. Not only he is able to device a long term strategy but he guides you to execute it successfully. His vast, diversified experience and knowledge is an asset to any engagement he endeavors. Very professional, patient, articulate, a lead by example leader, a change agent capable to deliver, are but few of the attributes that strikes you in Louis. I highly recommend him with confidence he will impress you.” – Gus Salamoun – Head of R&D, Airport IT at Amadeus IT Group

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