How to Innovate and Expand

The future is better than you think. And the solutions are simple because there is better access to information. Low cost communication and information are leveling the market place and everyday life. […]


“An Exponential Strategy is an engaging and consistent execution planning methodology to generate extreme results via in-depth practical strategic frameworks.” “Industries like 3D printing, amongst others, are utilizing these models disrupting the […]

Asking these 4 questions will stop up to 90% of hacks – Fortune

Concerned about Cybersecurity? You should be. We have specialized in providing answers and solutions to these important questions. Cybersecurity is a most for organizations and individuals today. It has become the key […]

Prosperity is a one way street !

It should only be traveled on a vehicle filled with positive energy. Such vehicle does not accept passengers with negative emotions, negative thinking or baggage from the past. This vehicle only accepts thankful […]

“Value-added knowledge is the way into the future

The ones that understand that “value-added knowledge” is the fuel of the future will excel in the market place.

Vote for a strategic plan for the USA, then let’s elect the candidate to execute our approved plan.

As a country, we should have a 30 years plan addressing all the major issues like healthcare, education, discrimination, deficit, poverty etc. A clear and focused plan to make our country the best […]

Mujeres al Liderazgo – Impulsemos e invirtamos en este bello proyecto

Las mujeres están convirtiéndose en la salvación de la humanidad. Están mejor preparadas que los hombres para asumir los nuevos retos. Apoyémoslas.

Strategy is a science that must be studied, experienced and mastered in order to excel at it.

You must be able to excel at “STRATEGY” by understanding your surroundings, designing strategies based on proven data, writing strategic plans that have implementation and execution as their core aim, and showing real and significant successes, and failures, in order to be considered a true strategist.

Free “STRATEGY” poster by Luis Mago

The thirteen chapters of Sun Tzu’s Art of War have been strategically merged with my 10 Laws of Success, and meticulously related to the business area where the principles apply. As many […]


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I have known Luis most of my Life, he is an outstanding individual with integrity and appreciation for getting things done the right way, Luis is always searching to evolve his own thinking and uses this skill to ensure that each customer engagement receives the necessary attention, quality and results. Luis is a great strategic thinker that can digest massive amounts of information, creating scenarios for individuals or organizations to act and achieve their goals; any organization using his services or his advice is bound to profit greatly

I normally do not write recommendations; however I feel so compelled to do so for Luis. He is diligent, thoughtful and creative. His strategic planning skills and broad network allow him to be very effective and efficient in delivering results for his clients. Regardless of the size of your company or its stage of development, Luis brings an amazing set of skills to help you maximize your business opportunities. – Bruce Rosetto, Principal Shareholder- Greenberg Traurig-Boca Raton, FL

Luis fulfilled coaching opportunity for me in the development of an up and coming leader. He studied our organization and our culture to customize his services and tailor the engagement to achieve a high level of success. – Mitch Felman, CEO at West Boca Medical Center

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