MAGO is the world’s one-stop-shop and information portal, where customers and visitors can find the most effective strategic based solutions for their lives and businesses by easily viewing the top 100 brands/product and services for their health (10), wealth (10), business (10), families (10), education (10), clothes (10), personal care (10), supplements (10), Coaching (10) and growth (10) that they might want to buy or learn about online.


The ranking is delivered in real-time based on a three pronged strategy + our customer’s experience. We will only have three proven and exceptional products/services per category. These products have to have the highest standards/ reputation/quality, natural, good for the planet, for the human beings, and for society. 


Products and services displayed in our site must have proven record being of the highest order for the better good of the world. They need to be beacons of excellence because 10% of every single purchase will be donated to the “One just World” Foundation.


Our foundation will help eliminate Poverty and Corruption by 2040; therefore, the products that we recommends must align with our vision of having a better world for everyone.


I have been the strategist, financial advisor and marketing consultant for several global enterprises. Coupled with my Computer science expertise and 20 + years consulting and financial advisory companies, our network has grown exponentially. Our company Network 4 Leaders gathers a very unique set of successful entrepreneurs, influencers and power players with whom we have personally worked and delivered massive and exponnetial growth and capital for them individually and for their organizations.


I grew up surrounded by poverty and the devastation of corruption. My father, born in one of the world’s poorest cities, became treasurer of a young democracy, and inspired me to crush corruption and make poverty history.

Today, I have my team, my companies, and my family. We learned from economist Jeffrey Sachs, the IMF, and UN that missing from the poverty solution is a transparent framework. We created One Just World to build the solution.

Our blockchain, 
Cyber-security, financial and economic development experts are creating that transparent framework. Through a cognitive learning system, we will gather, analyze data, learn and report, in real time, information about poverty and corruption while locating trillions in corruption money to report to law enforcement to return for poverty reduction.

One Just World will complement current and future anti-poverty/corruption practices. One Just World is the culmination of a lifetime dream and the MAGO website core purpose is to promote the top 100 products and services in every key industry (ranked by a three prong strategy + customer satisfaction.)

Since our foundation, One Just World, is developing the very first international poverty and corruption compliance and reporting service to prevent and end worldwide corruption and poverty through real-time public exposure and location of stolen capital for return in creating a global standard of living that will virtually eliminate poverty, we need to raise a massive amount of capital to fuel our non profit organization.

The capital must be generated with no strings attached in order for our foundation not to be influenced or dominated by power players, big donors or anyone in particular. Helping raise the poorest of the poorest $1.25 daily income to $20 dollars is one of our key objectives.

Therefore, our funds must be, in essence, generated from unbiased grassroots sources.

Together, we will make poverty history.