One Just World’s key charitable purpose is eliminating poverty and corruption. Our mission will primarily benefit the one billion people worldwide who exist on $1.25 or less per day. Nations and organizations that are working to create a reasonable quality of life for all people will also benefit.

Reliable, transparent monitoring and reporting will provide information that fuels anti-poverty/anti-corruption practices worldwide. Our 24/7 reporting will answer the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s plea “To help raise awareness of the fight against extreme poverty.”

OJW will deliver to world media, in real-time, news of progress in diminishing poverty and corruption, and will recognize those who impact these ills.  Our poverty index will systematically address the barriers to poverty reduction through a comparative framework and sound analysis.

Advancing unbiased data, information, analysis, and solutions will provide crucial educational value, empowering nations, corporations, organizations and individuals with a pure source of information for monetary decision-making, encouraging ethical behavior, heightened accountability and worldwide cooperation.

We will locate corruption dollars, inform law enforcement agencies for recapture, and return nearly two trillion dollars in annual bribery money for poverty reduction programs, diminishing unfair distribution of wealth and creating a sustainable model for decades to come.