One Just World (OJW) is developing the very first international poverty and corruption compliance and reporting service to  prevent and end worldwide corruption and poverty through real-time public exposure and location of stolen capital for return in creating a global standard of living that will virtually eliminate poverty.

The UN Convention Against Corruption states, “the use of returned assets should be the sovereign decision of the authorities in the country that recovers its stolen property.” Our service creates transparent public knowledge of funds use, providing an easily accessible avenue for 24/7 monitoring; assuring citizens returned assets are used for economic development and poverty reduction.

One Just World employs economist Jeffrey Sachs’ differential diagnosis checklist for poverty analysis, Duflo’s use of randomized control trials in development economics , United Nations Millennium Development Goals, Big Data, StAR directives, Transparency International research, cyber-technology and financial expertise to feed our cognitive development software. We will diagnose, track, monitor, detect, gather evidence, and conduct analysis to make informed, unbiased decisions, and report in real-time worldwide poverty and corruption using a Case-Schiller style index and Experian model.

One Just World creates what other solutions lack – transparency.  Reliable, transparent monitoring and reporting empowers decision-making with information that fuels anti-poverty/anti-corruption practices worldwide. Transparent reporting empowers nations, corporations, organizations and individuals with a pure source of information for monetary-decision-making, encouraging ethical behavior, heightened accountability and worldwide cooperation.  Resultant political and social integration will reduce poverty and corruption; diminishing unfair distribution of wealth and creating a sustainable model for decades to come.