I grew up surrounded by poverty and the devastation of corruption. My father, born in one of the world’s poorest cities, became treasurer of a young democracy, and inspired me to crush corruption and make poverty history.
 Today, I have my team, my companies, and my family.

We learned from economist Jeffrey Sachs, the IMF, and UN that missing from the poverty solution is a transparent framework. We created One Just World to build the solution.

Our blockchain, 
Cyber-security, financial and economic development experts are creating that transparent framework. Through a cognitive learning system, we will gather, analyze data, learn and report, in real time, information about poverty and corruption while locating trillions in corruption money to report to law enforcement to return for poverty reduction.

One Just World will complement current and future anti-poverty/corruption practices. One Just World is the culmination of a lifetime dream.

Together, we will make poverty history.