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Luis Mago is a Computer Scientist, Strategist and Financial expert who works to improve businesses, strengthen organizations, promote growth, enforce best practices and exponential technologies across the organizations that he engages with.

Luis is an authority on computer science, strategy, finances, strategic thinking, performance management and venture capital / private equity investing for organizations, entrepreneurs, executives and leaders in the USA, LATAM & EUROPE.

Luis Mago advises executives, leaders and organizations in finding their unique proposition, qualities and capabilities steaming from their core competence (what they are unique at), their willingness (what they will actually do), and their needs (what make them tick).

Luis believes that people within organizations and communities no longer want the current style of leadership, but are desperate to be led by real leaders, with real agendas to achieve real results on a consistent basis for the benefit of all.

Luis’ expertise lies in:

Strategy & Finances – Setting up the path to success.

Luis focus is to help entrepreneurs and top executives set the tone for the long-term direction of the organization. Luis works primarily with the CEO, CFO and with the senior team to revamp, update or recreate their business model. After he helps them understand their purpose (WHY), their objectives (WHAT) and their how (STRATEGY), Luis “technologically’ sets their path to success. In the implementation phase, Luis’s and his team coach others at lower ranks in the organization to become “Best in Class.”

Exponential Technology and Strategy Implementation – To ensure growth from good to great.

Luis helps organizations find their implementation model, the technology and the capital they need to develop the organization and it’s leaders. He delivers strategy, technology, capital and leadership development programs that ensures consistent growth and balance during the  execution process.

Organizational Strategy – Implementing and achieving financial, treasury and operational excellence.

Luis excels at financial and organizational change, including the organization’s capacity for expansion, innovation, strategic planning; its implementation, monitoring and merger from planning to execution. Improvement and the organization’s ability to execute strategy and capital investing is where Luis excels at.