When evaluating AI, cognitive technology, and machine language for business remodeling or expansion processes, people tend to focus on job displacement. This is far from the truth. Especially when business leaders use technology to enhance their business models specifically for their employees to be more equipped and empowered to deliver “the ultimate customer-centric services experience.” ┬áTherefore, AI Technology + Employees engagement + Clear communication = Satisfied customers.

The key is to transform your business model in tandem with the current one. For this, a specific type of leadership from the top, the embracing of the correct technology in one or two areas of the business, and the implementation/transformation of the business model with the total involvement of the front liners will ensure total success.

To communicate clearly the detail, impact and desired outcomes of the process across the organization is fundamental for the AI transformation to succeed. Employees involvement is critical. Do not start the AI transformation process without a clear vision, the correct leadership team, and the structured communication plan to fuel the implementation process.