Even though we are being hunted by the extreme right here at home, in Germany, in Poland, in Norway, in France, in England, in Venezuela and in many other countries around the globe, there is still hope!

The “MARCH FOR OUR LIVES” is an evident confirmation that our democracies still have a chance of survival. They do not have to die. We only need to get involved, vote, get involved, vote… non-stop-get-involved-vote and realize all the changes that we are demanding and help re-establish our institutions and finally deliver the incorruptible governments that we all deserve.

Let us support these young leaders in America. Let’s take their voices forward and support them by voting for elected officials who are not involved with the NRA.

This is the first step towards saving our democracy here at home. It will become the beacon to help save all democracies around the world. Let’s recover our leadership position in the world by saving our democracy first.

As Timothy Snyder, a history professor at Yale University who wrote the book, On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century, we all want to push back against this tide of the right where clearly authoritarianism has been rising around the world. Read his book as it is not just a sweeping historical analysis, but a collection of observations and suggestions on what forms resisting authoritarianism can take. Some of them are simple, like reading more, or not repeating popular phrases, or simply believing in the truth.

Each chapter begins with a kind of lesson. And the following text is a brief elaboration on each of those lessons. His book hit a nerve and he’s spoken internationally about it. The lessons are deceptively powerful. Here they are — you can judge for yourself.

  • Do not obey in advance.

  • Defend institutions.

  • Beware the one-party state.

  • Take responsibility for the face of the world.

  • Be wary of paramilitaries.

  • Be reflective if you must be armed.

  • Stand out.

  • Be kind to our language.

  • Believe in truth.

  • Investigate.

  • Make eye contact and small talk.

  • Practice corporeal politics.

  • Establish a private life.

  • Contribute to good causes.

  • Learn from peers in other countries.

  • Listen for dangerous words.

  • Be calm when the unthinkable arrives.

  • Be a patriot.

  • Be as courageous as you can.

If history teaches us anything, he tells Paul Kennedy, it’s what the boundaries and direction our moral agency may take. Its lessons should lead not to despair, but to action.

Support the #NEVERGAIN movement, read the book, get involved, and let’s continue supporting our democracies at home and abroad.

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