How to become a true leader

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To be a true leader you must adapt to the environment like water adapts to the container surrounding it. It’s the most effective way to expand and enhance the long-term success of the leader, the followers, and to ensure the withstanding of any organization.

For leaders to be like water they must first honor the principles of respect, truth and the rule of law while in tandem honoring everyone’s point of views. As leaders, they must respect others, must be fully aware of their own positional leadership power and understand that their main objective is to embrace every situation through the core principles of honesty, transparency, truth, and resilience.

True Leaders
Do not lie, cheat or steal

True Leaders
Have others in mind at all time

True Leaders
Always work for the greater good

True Leaders
Are swift and flexible,
amiable and strong,
quiet and patient

True Leaders are resilient!

The Leader’s Credo start by stating:

“In order to fulfill my purpose and objectives,
I promise in the name of God that:”


Will be the basis of my wisdom and I will master its art.


Will be the arm of my self-reflection, and it will be used to evaluate my internal being to make sure I am always inclusive and exclusive with the world.


Is my leader and guiding light and as such has neither a specific nationality nor religion, because he is love in its purest form. Living in God’s love is my goal, and to do so, I must read about God, listen to God, pamper God in my heart, and meditate on God’s majesty and glory.


Will be based on loving me, which indeed is loving God. Love is all things and God is the self. Therefore, by loving myself, I open the path to love others.


Will not be solely a reason to live, but a way of enjoying the journey toward success and providing for those I love. It should be performed in virtual disassociation from the empirical self. I will always concentrate on the process as a means to reach the result.


Will be a deed performed without expecting to receive, because it’s the only way to keep the wealth of the universe circulating freely.

Honesty and Integrity

Will be the columns on which I will build my relationships with others.

Becoming a Wizard

Is my ultimate goal because it’s the end to achieve total freedom. And is the best thing I can do for the world. To become a wizard, I must live in the spirit, in the self, and in nature.
I must live in the present.