Leadership development principle phrase


Honor means standing by your word and living by what you say. It is walking your talk and practicing what you preach. You don’t lie, cheat or steal in any form. You’re honorable in all endeavors.

As a business or institutional leader this means that you’re always aware of the voices around you. As a true leader you empathetically listen to other’s point of view, you answer honestly and politely, and you lead by example; regardless of the consequences. You do not lie and you always choose truthfulness instead of ego. All of these require a high level of discipline, courage, long-term vision, and honorable execution in the now. Leading like this will bring immeasurable rewards for you and for your organization. Otherwise, it will bring despair, divisions, and havoc for everyone involved.


Organizational or institutional endurance is founded on the culture and the organization’s basic principles. In turn, the leader must adapt to the situation and to the environment without breaking away from the core principles that have sustained the institution over the years. The culture and the principles of the organization must be enforced clearly and concisely at all cost. Furthermore, the leader must reflect and embrace those principles by effectively and consistently communicating through principled-based words and actions.


Leaders must be swift and flexible, amiable and strong, but quiet and patient. They must adapt to the environment like water adapts to the container surrounding it. It’s the most effective way to expand and enhance the long-term success and endurance of the organization.

For leaders to be like water, they must first honor the principles of respect, truth and the rule of law while in tandem honoring everyone’s point of views. As leaders, they must respect others, must be fully aware of their positional leadership power and understand that their main objective is to see the world through the core principles of honesty, transparency and truth.


The leader’s commitment to “equal rights under the law,” to “all men created equal,” to “the strategy,” and to the consistent practice of true leadership style, fused with total respect and transparency, will define the survival of any organization. The leader’s actions will show constituents that he/she is one with them by doing, not by preaching. Otherwise, constituents must choose for their institution’s survival instead, they most accept that this is not the right individual to lead them, and should advance to remove this leader by all legal means possible. Just look around and ponder about it; Is this true leadership?  –  LUIS MAGO


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