“Business has become too complex of a topic for one person to master on his own. As a result, we must challenge our leaders to expand their knowledge and share it with their teams.”

Unfortunately, most companies are very homogeneous and focus on building expertise within their same industry. As a result, we tend to hire those who think and work in that mindset. My recommendation is hire more Millennials because… as leaders we need to expose ourselves to ideas from outside the industry. Similarly, when we are in the process of developing new ideas, we should include individuals who have different educational and experiential backgrounds.

“Baby boomers are reaching retirement age at a rate of 10,000 per day, with a younger and more inexperienced (millennial) workforce moving into the industry.”

To get started:

  1. Let’s empower our lower-level managers and front liners to make decisions and innovate their activities to adapt to changing situations.
  2. Through “empathetic listening”, let’s create space to allow ourselves to think about the big picture and focus on proactively shaping our company, markets and the industry within the sectors we operate.
  3. Let’s formally explore the need for innovation and the various factors that drive it.
  4. Finally, let us answer the following questions:
    • Do we have a clear picture of existing technologies and an understanding of how they might evolve?
    • Do we understand how technologies can help our organization deliver value?
    • Do we have a clear understanding of our organizations’ technology and innovation role in the near future?
    • Do we know what investments we need to make to be able to achieve that future?
    • Are we hiring enough millennials to help us bridge this gap?

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